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GAMA is fastest growing HP partner |

Saudi Arabian technology solutions provider Global Arabian for Modern Application Ltd. (GAMA), has recently been named HP's fastest growing Preferred Partner, increasing sales by 40% and beating 143 HP partners across the region.

"This award recognizes and rewards our ongoing commitment to providing customers with quality solutions and outstanding customer service," said Nasser Al Hussaini, GM of Sales, GAMA. "The numerous benefits we receive as a Preferred Partner have definitely helped us stand out from the crowd."


GAMA, which employs 125 people - including highly trained technical and sales teams - recorded revenues of SAR 80 million in 2005 and is expected to cross SAR 100 million this year.


Since the launch of the HP Preferred Partner Program in September 2005, HP has implemented a series of new initiatives designed to expand HP partner business in the region. Throughout 2006, HP will be honoring its best performing, with quarterly winners receiving an HP-funded advertorial campaign.


"GAMA has consistently displayed loyalty and posted fantastic growth," said Hazem Bazan, SPO Manager, HP Middle East. "We will continue to invest in our Preferred Partners to help them grow their business, while making it easier and more rewarding for them to do business with HP."


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